Compelling WiFi monetization


Find the way to provide dynamic hotspot service why not, for free and monetize your business by offering advertisement areas where display images and videos. The best opportunity to increase the hotspot outlook: HSNM Ads Module.


Relevant contents to boost your hotspot business. The WiFi market is growing and hotspot managers need to plan new gainful strategy to involve end users and obtain pleasing benefits too.


Users are looking for free connection services and it is necessary to find a new way of doing hotspot profits. How to follow up this trend? HSNM Ads Module provides the opportunity of building up and managing ads contents.


This means that thanks to the advertisement the hotspot obtains visibility, it becomes dynamic and obviously earns money indirectly too. That's the innovation that you need, directly on your hotspot service.




Reseller and advertiser activity


Targeted messages are displayed to end users before and during the hotspot permanence. This is not a cruel war against end users need of connectivity but a precious tool to engage and develop to complete interesting marketing strategies. Defined areas house these ads within the Welcome Portal and users can click and be redirected to a specific web page, or ignore the message and proceed with the navigation. They can choose. The advertisement is your compelling opportunity.


HSNM Ads Module works with a multilevel approach. The campaign settings and subjects are managed by a second dashboard called "advertising". The network reseller can work directly on the ads campaigns or delegate third parts that works on the project in the name and on behalf of him. A new figure supports the campaign activity: the advertiser. He keeps in touch with the reference reseller to develop the best ads offer.


Each subject is remunerated with a proportional percentage % of revenue related to the position occupied within the advertising project.



How to do this

The advertising campaign is a powerful tool to reach end users. Be careful when it's time to decide the target and the purpose of the messages. Consider that users are fast involved but they don't want too much. Ads have to be up to the hotspot purpose, moderate and effective to provide you a real result. Messages and videos are displayed in the Welcome Portal area. End users can see them everytime that they visit the hotspot. The campaign is shown on:


* Intro Welcome Portal, the advertisement is a time defined video

* Central Welcome Portal, on the mail hotspot page, the user can see ads banners, the three (3) areas are the top, right and left side banners


Advertising Campaigns are responsive! Don't worry about device size resolution. In case of mobile devices the ads messages will be automatically adapted.

HSNM Ads Module provides a complete section where build  up, step by step, the campaign options:


* Campaign description (images and texts)

* Frequency

* Geo location

* Hotspot category

* Budget plan


Each detail is specifically defined in order to show a professional range of ads messages pursuant to advertiser goals.

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